Robert Graves ( 1895 -1985 ) – Symptoms Of Love.

Symptoms Of Love

Love is universal migraine,
A bright stain on the vision
Blotting out reason.

Symptoms of true love
Are leanness, jealousy,
Laggard dawns;

Are omens and nightmares –
Listening for a knock,
Waiting for a sign:

For a touch of her fingers
In a darkened room,
For a searching look.

Take courage, lover!
Could you endure such pain
At any hand but hers?


This poem belongs to the public domain.


Hand of sand.

Sand holding sand.

Sand that can not know

that it is sand.

Sand that forgot to know

that it is sand. Sand that does not want to know

that it is sand.

Castles or mermaids – To get lost or passionate.

Forgetting to remember becoming the figures.

Some soothing forgiven provided. Because some self-pity.

Also to be forgotten.

To feel the pride, the self importance.

                                                                                                                                       The sublime.

                                                                                                                                   The Grandeur.

Standing on the infinite shore of an infinite land.